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Fort Rock and Paisley CAVE Descendants - The Chocktoot Bands of the Paiute Snake Tribes


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Lake County is fortunate in being one of the few, if not the only, county in North America to be able to trace its residents back over 14,000 years.  Scientific evidence increasingly is providing us with information about the lifestyles of the region's early inhabitants along wit the geologic transformations - most notably the eruption of Mr. Mazama with its worldwide consequences - as they affected the lives of these early residents.  Native stories of those events have been passed down as oral history through countless generations but little public awareness exists of those essentially contemporary accounts which we have her undertaken to share.  Interestingly, they are largely being confirmed by contemporary scientific research.  

The history of nineteenth century immigration of European and eastern American peoples into this area, and the history of the consequences of their advancing intrusions on the lives of the area's Native inhabitants, has almost entirely been written from the immigrants'  perspective. As historians readily note, history tends to be written by the victors.  

The story of the effect of white man's arrival on Native inhabitants is certainly less well-known and this book has attempted to present a more balances account of the effects of immigrants' upon the Native population, the varying ways in which the Natives reacted and the often-troubled history of the consequences of the various treaties which sought to resolve those conflicts. 

If we could see into the future we would know, from these past experiences, that the residents of Lake County and all of Eastern Oregon will adjust to whatever the coming millennia bring. 

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